Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yep, we were tricked!

Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma recently said that 2009 was a year of fraud since its summer was a bit cooler than usual, and, as a result, global warming isn't true!

Okay. Just to let everyone know, whether or not you believe in global warming, you have to admit that driving your car when you could've just walked the block to the store or leaving the faucet running when not needed is seriously bad for our environment. It seems that no matter what everyone's beliefs about global warming are, everyone still seems to forget that our resources aren't infinite.

So, no matter what your stance is, know that it's proven that smog can give kids severe asthma or that the ocean is acidifying and destroying its own precious ecosystems in the process. Now, you can't deny that--can't you?

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