Monday, November 2, 2009

10 Weeks? That's a 1/3 of a UC School Year...

Apparently, there was an oil spill (or, rather, it's on-going) in Australia, and no one is doing anything about it! I found this article from the Tree Hugger Twitter site, and the future does not look promising.

The oil spill has been raging on for 10 weeks already, and the Australian government, it looks like, hasn't really done anything to help plug the leak. What's worse is that there's now a fire blazing on the oil rig, which means that if it's not handled properly, the rig can burn down, and it's pretty much game over after that. Additionally, the Australian Resources Minister has been handing out more oil drilling contracts to the company responsible for the oil spill during this on-going issue. Hello?! What is wrong with you! Shame on you, Australia.

Despite all this, what I find most interesting is that the company only paid $3.8 million out of $5 million for clean-up charges. I guess they started a fire in hopes that their problems would disappear, and the other $1.5 million would just get up and walk away. Yeah, right. Do everyone a favor, and donate some of your oil revenue to WWF Australia so that they can at least try to repair some of damage. Say goodbye to the humpback whales (the Kimberley region in Australia has one of the largest nurseries for that species).

I cannot stress enough, 'Save the animals from humans!' Oy vey.

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