Friday, October 30, 2009

Baiji Dolphin Update

Over a year ago, one of my friends blogged about the Baiji River Dolphin and how it was functionally extinct. Sad news, people, it is now really extinct :( that means that the dolphin is no more. Gone, slipped right through our finger tips. We will never see it again.

So, now, I'm proposing that we conserve all our natural resources and change our habits. Doing those two things can really make a world of a difference. Drive less, walk more, use less, recycle--they're all good for you and really easy to do. I guess, the one that people don't understand is that conservation is really good for the environment, and it saves you money! Who doesn't want more change for their wallets?

As for now, I leave you with 10 other species that were photographed, but now extinct. Don't let another species die off, it really does create a domino chain for our ecosystem.

In spirit of the Baiji dolphin, I will try and dress up like one for tomorrow's festivities. Who's with me?

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