Thursday, November 20, 2008

Elephant Dung, Anyone?

So I've posted up some possible solutions to the extinction problem but today I happened upon a really interesting one! This one is about Sri Lankan Elephants whose population is about 4,000.

Here's the background story:
There is a renewed civil war between Sri Lanka's government and the separatist Tamil Tigers whose many victims are the island's wild elephants. Last year, 74 elephants died in the region and of them, 44 were killed by gunfire, others were victim to poison or were deliberately electrocuted by wire fences, or even fell down wells. Only four died of natural causes. The elephants are not straying into the frontlines of the Sri Lankan war.

Solution: Environmentally friendly gifts, Poo paper
Poo Paper is made of the elephant's dung. The paper is meant to impart economic value to Sri Lankan elephants, which are often killed because they compete with local farmers for space. Yay, Poo Paper!

Bright Idea: Christmas presents?

For more information, visit these websites!

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