Wednesday, November 19, 2008


For over the past eighty years, scientists have considered the pygmy tarsier as extinct. The pygmy tarsier is a rare, small primate that, in my opinion, resembles a FurBy and lives throughout various small islands in Asia. The good news is that scientists have spotted and caught three (2 males, 1 female) pygmy tarsiers with hopes to breed the rare primate that had been thought lost forever. Even though this is an exciting find for both the scientific and animal communities, it is a rather bittersweet ordeal. Once a species is declared extinct, it is gone forever. Even though this particular species was lucky enough to have survived and rediscovered, not every species is lucky. Currently, the world is facing a mass-extinction in which there are a lot of species suffering for a major wipeout, and humans, through fossil fuel consumption or their non-environmentally friendly ways, are the main cause. This means that a species very close to you may be on the verge of becoming extinct. Do your part: It doesn't take much to be environmentally friendly. You can start by buying more green products or turning your lights off when you leave the room. In the end, only you will be benefitting!

For more information about the pygmy tarsier, read the article on Yahoo!

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